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Welcome to Kraft ur Mind

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Welcome to Kraft ur Mind

About us

Kraft Ur Mind is an institute where we creatively educate children and guide parents to build stronger relations. Our focus lies on gentle yet powerful techniques of brain development. A child’s brain is like clay and thus it becomes all the more important to mold it correctly , we have formulated a program on the basis of research and proven techniques that brings out the genius in each child and gives them a rock solid foundation. You are going to supercharge your child’s learning by gentle yet very powerful techniques of brain development. As time progresses and we are able to ascertain your child’s strengths and weaknesses for we will be able to guide you as to how you can build upon the stronger areas as well as overcome the weaknesses if any. In today’s fast moving world creative education is an essential teaching tool that will give your child a super start in school and as he grows up, he will experience whole brain development.

Key Features


Our encouragement to parents is to guide and motivate their child to strive to his/her best in whatever they love. Such experiences would become invaluable assets for children to develop their inborn talents in the future. Once we discover their natural inclination and ability, it is easy to cultivate and enhance their innate capabilities. Developing the right brain enables these hidden potential to be realized.


Kraft ur mind guides the parents to truly believe in the potential and abilities present in their children. When we encourage every small achievement of the child, he/she wants to step up and do more. In this way, parents unconditional love will play a vital role in helping their children to build their self confidence.Over the long run, a child with a great self-belief will be able to tap into his inborn abilities and reach his full potential while pursuing his interests and goals. Parents are the most important and best teachers to guide their children.


“True thinking ability” is functioning of logical thinking and the ability to make sensible judgement in sync with each other.In early years, during the critical period of 0-6 years we develop the Right brain with gentle stimulation to the left brain.Further development of the left brain is critical in the later years to assist primary and high school students to attain advance levels and analytical thinking skills. Kraft ur mind sets the right momentum for a child’s future learning by setting a well stimulated Right brain in order and eager to Bridge with the development of left brain in primary years in school.

Our Workshops

Brain Enrichment

Age :
5-13 years  14-18 years  19-22years

  Strong Intuition
  Developed Leadership Qualities
  Improved Memory
  Better Concentration
  Accelerated Learning
  Confidence Building
  Balancing the Right and the Left Brain
  Improve Self Esteem
  Enhance Creativity
  Emotionally Balanced

Imagination & Creativity

Age :
5-13 years  14-18 years  19-22years

  Better Thinking
  Emotionally Stable
  Enhanced Imagination
  Better Communication
  Better Expression
  Enhancement in Problem Solving       Abilities
  Out of Box Thinking
  Socially Active Child

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test

Age :
2 years above

  Inborn Strength And Weakness
  Neuron Distribution Of 8 Multiple       Intelligence
  Career Preferences
  Learning styles & acquiring methods
  Left/Right Brain dominance
  Brain Quotients
  Personality trait & behavior analysis

Bach Flowers

Bach Flower are 38 Flowers Remedies that corrects emotional imbalances where negative emotions are replaced with positive. It works on the theory of every problem starts with the mind.

Child Development & Nutrition

"Brain is what you eat..."

A Workshop that helps Your Child Grow In A Better Way Reduce Anxiety Stress Tension, Increase Concentration, Better Sleep Quality, Increase Energy, Sharper Memory, Reduce Irritability and much more just by Changing Few Food Habits.

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Upon confirmation of your interest to register your child in our workshops, fill out an enrollment form with a registration. This will allow us to confirm a place for your child.A personal file will be created to track your child’s progress, allowing you to monitor his development and guide you to assist him at home to further enhance his learning abilities..

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